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Thank you to our Donors

The LHAT Tribute Fund

The Tribute Fund allows donations to be made to the League in honor of someone special, whether LHAT members or other historic theatre devotees.

Donations to the Tribute Fund will be used to support the continued mission and programs of the League of Historic American Theatres for the benefit of its members.

Tribute Fund Donations have been made in honor of:

James Boese
Dr. Thomas R. DuBuque
Dave McClure
Colleen Poehlman
Dr. Joseph S. Rosenberg
Harry Scanlan
Tisha Shelden
Geoff Shlaes
Ken Stein
Craig Sumberg

The League gratefully acknowledges the following individual contributors, as well as corporations, foundations and government agencies for their generous support of our programs and services over the past year. (Last update 01.13.17)

(Gifts of $1,000+)

Jeffrey W. Gabel
Dulcie Gilmore
Liz & Peter Means
Björn Olsson
Paul Siemborski, AIA
Tom Tomlinson
Kelly Updike
Anne T. & Thomas C. Hilbert Fund
The Jackson H. Fenner Foundation, Inc.
Steven Peters
Halsey & Alice North

(Gifts of $100+)

The Belcourt Theatre (Nashville, TN)
Grand 1894 Opera House (Galveston, TX)
Historic Tennessee Theatre Foundation
(Knoxville, TN)
Majestic Theater (Gettysburg, PA)
Tampa Theatre (Tampa, FL)
Roxy Theatre (Northampton, PA)

(Gifts of $400-$999)

Becky Hancock
Willis & Shirley Johnson
Michael Schnoering, AIA
Lynne King Smith
Darlene Smolik, Plymouth Soundings, LLC
Joan and David Hilgers
Alec Stoll

(Gifts of $100-$249)

Douglas I. Abbatiello
Janis A. Barlow
Margaret Genovese
Richard Hay
Thomas E. Johnson, AIA
Michael Kenna
Margaret Lake
Maureen Patton
Ken A. Stein
Andrew Tiffin
Tara Hamacher
Alycyn Keeling

(Gifts of $250-$399)

Randy Cohen
Len Vanderwende
Molly Fortune
Don Telford

(Gifts of $1-$99)

Dennis Andres
John Faust
Brian Goesl
Historic Cocoa Village Playhouse
Naima Kradjian
Randy McKay
Lance Olson
Jeremy Phelps
Colleen & Jon Poehlman
Wynn Salisch
Randy Siefkin
Barbara Twist
Fox Tucson Theatre Foundation
Kansas Historical Theatre Association